30 years ago, my husband and I were sitting with my parents on the porch of their home which was surrounded by hop fields in Moxee, WA.

I could smell the  hops as they were being harvested and from out of the blue the phrase "A Hop in the Sack" came to my mind.  We all loved that saying and I said, "Someday I am going to do something with it."

    I swore my family to secrecy for all those years.  Then in May of 2016, my husband, who was my biggest supporter, once again brought the idea up and said, "hops are really becoming a big part of the valley's agriculture.  Perhaps now is the time, since we are both retired, to make your dream come true." In mid-June of that year, my husband suddenly passed away. To keep our dream live, I started putting everything in place and have now launched "A Hop in the Sack".  

Yakima, WA

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Risky Business